Samantha Shear

My name is Sam and we have a Habitat for Humanity home. I have Tourette Syndrome, so does my brother. Before moving into our home we used to share a bedroom.

Our apartment was small and we could smell cigarettes smoke from our neighbors and also had trouble with mold. Our apartment was always cold too. My Tics would get really bad because of the smells. Sharing a room with my brother was often difficult because we would always end up setting our tics and we didn’t have any place to go to be alone. When we moved into our new homes we didn’t have to worry about these things anymore. I love my room! When my tics get very bad, I just go to my room and shut my door and have my own personal space. Many people want their own room simply to enjoy alone time and privacy, but it’s more important to me because of my Tourette Syndrome. Having my home didn’t tale away my tics but it lessened my triggers. My brother and I are closer because of this. He is Thank ful because where we lived was ina bad neighborhood. He has made some great friends where we live now and is Happier.I am happy to have our home and happy we were able to help build it as a family.

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