Income Guidelines

  • All family members’ income is included in the calculation of a family’s total gross YEARLY income.
  • Income shall include the following: SSI, SSDI, wages, retirement, alimony, VA benefits, and court ordered child support.
  • Income guidelines are listed by family size. The income listed in “Max Income” may be reviewed at discretion of Selection Committee.
# In Household Min. Income Max Income Min. Income Max Income
1 18,000 27,100 17,388 26,082
2 20,575 30,900 19,872 29,808
3 23,150 34,700 22,356 33,534
4 25,725 38,600 24,840 37,260
5 27,775 41,700 26,827 40,241
6 29,850 44,800 28,814 43,222

Applicants Must Have:

  • A steady, reliable source of income (2 year history) and demonstrate financial responsibility
  • The ability to pay a monthly house payment up to 30% of gross monthly income (taxes and insurance included)
  • The ability to pay projected monthly utilities (electric/gas/water/sewer)
  • NOT filed for bankruptcy within the past 2 years
  • A credit history free from outstanding collections, liens or judgments that cannot reasonably be paid off by the completion of the home build

For Brush with Kindness projects:

  • A down payment of $100 is required
  • Financing will be offered for approved projects at 0% interest for terms up to twelve (12) months
  • A discount of 10% or $100 will be offered if the principal balance is paid in full within sixty (60) days

Thousand Islands Area Habitat for Humanity is not offering mortgage financing.

Thousand Islands Area Habitat for Humanity is an Equal Housing Opportunity Lender.